Joovy Caboose VS Sit N Stand Review

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Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stand On Tandem Stroller - Blueberry



When comparing the Joovy Caboose stroller vs. the Sit N Stand stroller there are differences besides just the cost between the two. Of course, purchasing a stroller can be a large family expense, so taking some time to research stroller options is important. To help you choose the stroller that’s best for your family it may be good to ask a few questions to start.

  1. Do I need a side-by-side stroller or would a tandem stroller be more suitable for my family?
  2. If I have a taller child how much of a concern is it for the child not to have a full seat but rather a bench?
  3. do I need to have a large basket or am I okay with the occasional large items?
  4. How important is it to have a parent tray/organizer that’s included?

Consumer Reviews

To answer some of these questions must I then and take a look at a few of the obvious features between both.

  • One of the most obvious differences between the two strollers is that the Joovy Caboose vs Sit n Stand tends to run a bit more than this it stands stroller. For instance, at the time of this review the Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stroller on Amazon was approximately $229.00 vs. the Sit-n-Stand LX Stroller on Amazon was priced around $169.00.
  • Moving in for a closer look you’ll notice that the Sit-n-Stand has a larger basket comparatively. Parents may need that extra space for larger diaper bags, shopping bags, purses, and other gear that is important to tote. It can be a big convenience to be able to store away items purchased on a shopping trip, or that trip to park with all the minute “gotta haves.” If fact, you may see other reviews that write up about the Joovy Caboose stroller basket as smaller in size.
  • On the parent end of the stroller, it may come down to preference or style taste. The Baby Trend Sit N Stand has a sturdy plastic tray with cup holders and a conveintent middle snap-lid storage compartment. This is great to throw loose objects in like change or even holding car keys. The Joovy Caboose touts a parent organizer which is a different approach than a plastic shelf. The parent organizer features places to place a cell phone, sunglasses, etc. and a sleeve for a water bottle. Think pockets vs. a shelf when describing the two. Other reports have mentioned that there is a parent tray that you can get for the Joovy, but we have been unable to find one, even on the manufacturer site, so this is considered undetermined at this time.
Joovy Caboose Parent Organizer

Joovy Caboose Parent Organizer

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Parent Tray

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Parent Tray


  • There was a owner review we found posted about a local store associate that instructed the buyer to make sure every time the Joovy was setup to make sure to lock the latch, whereas the Sit n Stand this was not an issue.
  • Over the Joovy is shorter in length. In fact, the dimensions that we found for the Joovy Caboose Ultralight was: 41.5”H x 21.5”W x 38”D, while the Baby Trend Sit N Stand LX Stroller came in at 46.5 x 21 x 42 inches.
  • The Joovy has an oversized canopy, and probably one of the most favorite features of the Joovy (besides how light the stroller weighs). In other reviews, other strollers usually come up short in this area.
  • The strollers both have similar harness applications for the rear bench. However, the Sit N Stand has an additional strap that is able to be buckled across the handle bars to provide an extra barrier when the child is standing. At the time of this review, there is not enough information to determine if the Joovy stroller provides this option. The Joovy stroller does have comfortable handles that the child can hold on to while standing or sitting.
  • The Sit-n-Stand stroller rear seat seems to be a bit more plush. The Joovy does have padded seats too, but again, a bit more stream lined. However, the Joovy front seat has cloth flaps that cover the arm rest areas which is a nice feature – the Sit n stand does not.
  • The foam-covered steering handle on the Joovy is bit more taller.
  • The Joovy stroller has “groovy” color options for the stroller. Their current color choices are Black (might be a little too industrial feel), Blueberry, Brownie, Greenie, and Orangie. The Sit-n-Stand has a few color options too, but not as bold of color options overall.

Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stand On Tandem Stroller - Black ColorJoovy Caboose Ultralight Stand On Tandem Stroller - BlueberryJoovy Caboose Ultralight Stand On Tandem Stroller - Brownie ColorJoovy Caboose Ultralight Stand On Tandem Stroller - Greenie ColorJoovy Caboose Ultralight Stand On Tandem Stroller - Orangie Color

  • Most stroller owners comment of how easy the strollers can fold down, and both can fit into small vehicles with no problem. The Joovy ultralight does weigh-in lighter than that of the Sit n Stand LX.
  • For casual strolling the Joovy may require a bit more effort in steering down the aisles.
  • It appears that the Sit N Stand seat cover is machine washable (unable to completely determine, but pretty sure), while the Joovy seat can only be cleaned using a mild soap and letting it air dry (not machine washable).

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Pricing Information

Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stroller

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Joovy Caboose Sit-n-Stand LX Stroller

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Features Summary

Features Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stand On Tandem Stroller
Brand Joovy
Model/Type Caboose Ultralight
Colors Black, Blueberry, Brownie, Greenie, Orangie
Weight 21 lbs.
Size Upright: 41.5”H x 21.5”W x 38”D
Seat Orientation Forward facing, Rear facing
Suspension All wheel spring suspension
Max. Weight 45 lbs.
Features Baby Trend Sit N Stand LX Stroller
Brand Baby Trend
Model/Type Sit n Stand LX
Colors Sonic, Skylar, Mojito, Phantom, Silverstone, Columbia, Jet, Vanille Bean, Grey Mist, Havenwood, Galaxy
Weight 27 lbs.
Size Upright: 21″W x 46.5″L x 42″H
Seat Orientation Forward facing, Rear facing
Suspension Undetermined
Max. Weight 40 lbs.

Both of these strollers have had very positive feedback from owners, and of course mixed in with some negative reviews. We already have a review of the Joovy Caboose Stroller that you can read here.  We trust that this Joovy Caboose VS Sit N Stand Review will be helpful in your next stroller purchase.

  1. Phoebe03-12-13

    I hate this stroller. I bought it to use with my grandchildren. It is VERY hard to push!

    • double stroller reviews03-18-13

      Thank you for taking the time to comment back. While we strive to find the best information and collect feedback we also want honest feedback from product owners to help other in their decision buying.

  2. lara03-28-13

    I Love my Joovy Caboose! It is much lighter and easier to maneuver for me! The best part is that you can purchase a second seat instead of having the stand portion at the back-at least you have options! The Sit and Stand looks very “plasticy” and cheap! Even though the basket may
    be a little larger, having to bend down to hold the handle because it is lower was very annoying after a while. We decided to go with Joovy because we have the Joovy Kooper which my son loved so we decided to go with Joovy again! Not to mention that the canopy is MUCH bigger on the Caboose which came in handy when we went to Disney and for long day outdoor trips! Definitely happy with out Joovy!

    • double stroller reviews03-28-13

      Thanks for the comments. Feedback on real-life use is valuable for everyone. Thanks again for taking the time to comment back.

  3. lara03-28-13

    Love my Joovy!

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